Corporate Opportunities in the context of our 2021 Clinical Update Symposium

Over the past few years, the Belgian Bone Club has seen its annual Clinical Update Symposium drawing more and more attendees over the years, either BBC members or non-members.

Participants are from the fields of rheumatology, gynaecology, geriatry, rehabilitation and orthopaedic surgery and have a common interest in bone diseases.

We would like to offer your company the opportunity to sponsor the Symposium and to maximize your exposure at the event.

Therefore, we are pleased to present you the different opportunities that may be of your Corporation’s interest to reach more key contributors in the bone- related field.

  1. Scientific Activities
    • Satellite sponsorized Symposium
  2. Exhibition
    • Booth Raw Space
    • Roll-Up placed in the Foyer
  3. Printed Matter
    • Pens and Notepads
    • Logo on badges
    • Logo on signage materials
  4. Electronic Matter
    • Logo included in the mailing to the BBC Database

We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with you and to meeting you in January 2021.

Become a sponsor