Clinical Update Symposium 2019

Organized by the BBC board
Moderators: Evelien Gielen (UZLeuven) & Jean-Jacques Body (ULB)

The "Belgian Bone Club Clinical Update Symposium" accreditation by the INAMI/RIZIV is in process.


08.30 - 08.45 Welcome
08.45 - 09.00 Belgian Bone Club General Assembly
09.00 - 09.20 Best clinical papers of the year 2018 - Michaël Laurent (UZLeuven)
09.20 - 09.30 Presentations of the Best Project and Best Publication of the year
09.30 - 10.15 Keynote Lecture: Health economic consequences of the treatment gap in postmenopausal osteoporosis – Lieven Annemans (UGent)
10.15 - 10.30 Coffee break
10.30 - 12.15 Multidisciplinary management of postmenopausal osteoporosis:
  +  The point of view of the gynecologist – Serge Rozenberg (ULB)
     Why gynecologists should be concerned by osteoporosis?
  +  The point of view of the endocrinologist - Bruno Lapauw (UGent)
     Endocrine considerations in evaluating fracture risk: what’s new?
  +  The point of view of the laboratory – Etienne Cavalier (ULiège)
     When and why should bone biomarkers be measured?
  +  The point of view of the rheumatologist – Stefan Goemaere (UGent)
     When should bone densitometry be performed in rheumatologic patients?
  +  The point of view of the geriatrician – Evelien Gielen (UZLeuven)
     Osteoporosis in the very elderly: should we treat them differently?
  +  The point of view of the physical and rehabilitation therapist – Jean-François Kaux (ULiège)
     How to improve the care path of osteoporotic patients?
12.15 - 13.15 Satellite symposium by SMB: Testing 25-OH vitamin D: a critical review of current recommendations – Elie Cogan (ULB)
13.15 Walking buffet



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Clinical Update Symposium 2018

Organized by the BBC board
Moderator: Jean-Jacques Body (ULB)

The BBC thanks all the participants of the Clinical Update Symposium on How to manage osteoporosis before 50 which took place in Brussels on Saturday, January 20, 2018 !

This was an excellent meeting and a very nice opportunity for doctors to exchange

We congratulate once again our two Awards Recipients for their outstanding work and are looking forward to a successful meeting again in 2019!

This symposium was granted 2 credits in the section 6 « Ethics and Economics » by the INAMI/RIZIV.

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